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        • H500 Hi mast lamp

        • DCC01 Cap lamp with camera

        • DTL08 Recessed Downlight

        • DCL04 Wireless charging OLED display cap lamp

        ABOUT US

        Shenzhen DNP Technology Development Co. Ltd.

        Become the global intelligent industrial product field: the first-class enterprise hundred years enterprise

        Shenzhen dewei technology development co., ltd. was established in 2005, is a collection of research and development, production, sales, service in one of the national high-tech enterprises.

        Depp rooted in industrial markets, focused on LED lighting and hd testing equipment, and intelligent products, according to the market needs to provide professional customized service in railway, coal, electric power, petroleum, petrochemical, public security, army, port, metallurgy, aviation and other industrial fields in the market, and aspires to become a first-class enterprises, one hundred enterprises in the field.




        • 德普威 反光杯 發明專利_300K


        • 01 Introduction of workshop production at DNP

          The production line of the companys factory in Zhongshan is shown in real photos.

        • 02 DNP Marketing Department Conducted "Personal Culture Building" Training

          From June 25 to 27, DPW organized a three-day human resource training for all the staff of the marketing department around the theme of "personal culture building".

        • 03 Customer Visit DNP

          At noon on June 23, the weather was perfect and the breeze was beautiful. The Party Secretary and Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Tongren City Bijiang District, Fu Jun, led a delegation from the Bijiang District Political Consultative Conference to visit DNPs factory in Zhongshan City, and opened the tour with a warm welcome from the companys General Manager Zhang Yong and the staff.